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    Contact us
    Easthome Care Home:
    74-75 South Park
    Lincoln, Lincolnshire
    Tel: +44 1522 521956
    Fax: 01522 537371
    Email: easthomenursing@btconnect.com
    Tel: ( +44) 01522 521956
    Fax: ( +44) 01522 537371
    Email: support@careforyourlife.com

    ( +44) 01522 521956
    Fax: ( +44) 01522 537371


⁌ Easthome Care Home value its volunteers and are always looking for new volunteers to assist in the continual good delivery of our services.

⁌ Volunteers help on trips out with the residents, in organising events, and befriending those residents who may not have regular visitors.

⁌ Our Volunteers also get involved in meal service and assisting residents with shopping needs if required.

⁌ If you feel you can offer any of our homes some of your time, please get in touch.



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